We sell Tres Leches Cake, Flan Cake, Italian creme, Dark Chocolate Bourbon Walnut Torte, San Antonio Flan Cake, Chambord Raspberry Walnut cake, Fudge Brownie ice cream cakes. San Antonio cake shop with unique, authentic tres leches recipe and cheap prices. San Antonio Tres Leches cakes, delicious, inexpensiveSan Antonio wedding cakes, birthday cakes and moreSan Antonio wedding cake, 3 leches cake, birthday cakes and more10 inch cake serves 16-20 guests. For catering, weddings, or large parties, order by slice based on your guest count. Tres Leches (3 leches cake) mexican cake for sale in San AntonioDessert catering for parties in the Northeast San Antonio and Hill Country areaBride cake, grooms cake, bridal cake, grooms cakes in San AntonioCelebrate with San Antonio cake! Online orders accepted, or call 210-396-7236Cakes 4 Company: Custom cake shop in San Antonio for birthdays and weddings
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DELIVERY AVAILABLE to San Antonio and lower Hill Country.

We sell custom cakes, offer beautiful personalization, and decorating requests are welcome! We can emulate practically any cake design you see in a magazine. Your wedding or San Antonio event will be a smash with our delicious gourmet cakes!
Our cakes are made from the finest ingredients and cost less than average cake prices in San Antonio. See our monthly holiday cakes and Chef's specials for additional savings.
San Antonio Wedding Cakes, Tres Leches Cakes & Birthday Cakes
Heavenly cakes make a big impression! Delivery Available
Tres Leches Cake: Heavenly cake in a cream bath! Traditional Mexican recipe uses three types of milk. This to-die-for tres leches cake recipe was handed down from my grandmother. It's our bestseller because it causes a huge sensation at the table! Taste our loving attention to fine ingredients in its authentic consistency and rich flavors.

Tres Leches Cake Prices:

$55 for a 10 inch round cake
Starting at $3.50 per slice, for San Antonio wedding cake / party catering
Dark Chocolate Bourbon Walnut Torte: Walnut encrusted moist chocolate cake. Delicious dark chocolate makes this custom cake recipe perfect for an amazing groom's cake. Per special request, we will decorate this cake with strawberries hand-painted in white and dark chocolate tuxedos. Add $5 per hand painted strawberry (call for details)

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Walnut Cake Price:

$55 for a 10 inch round cake
Starting at $3.50 per slice, for San Antonio wedding cake / catering
Chambord Raspberry Walnut Cake: Orange marmalade, walnuts and fresh raspberries, infused with imported French Chambord rasperry liqueur, baked into a savory cake of the finest ingredients and topped with a butter cream frosting. This divine, elegant dessert is our bona-fide seasonal favorite!

Chambord Raspberry Walnut Cake Price:
$65 for a 10 inch round cake
Starting at $4.50 per slice, for San Antonio wedding cake / catering
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Flan Cake: Part custard, part cake. Soft, scrumptious Mexican 'flan' custard is baked into and crowns a two-tiered cake delight. Drizzled with warm caramelized sugar, this unique cake will be a stand out sensation at your next party! Gourmet flan wedding cakes are beautiful and delicious too!

Flan Cake Price:

$55 for a 10 inch round cake
Starting at $3.50 per slice, for San Antonio wedding cake / party catering
Italian Creme Wedding Cake: Batter dense with nuts and coconut, finished with a hand whipped, cream-cheese frosting. A favorite for a delicious bride's cake and birthday cakes.

Italian Creme Wedding Cake Price:

$55 for a 10 inch round cake
Starting at $3.50 per slice, for San Antonio wedding cake / party catering
Fudge Brownie & Raspberry Ice Cream Cake: Rich, two-layered fudge cake is a delightful summer and birthday treat!

Fudge Ice Cream Cake Price:

$55 for a 10 inch round cake
Starting at $3.50 per slice, for San Antonio wedding cake / party catering

$5 off Cake Delivery
Order any of our 10-inch gourmet San Antonio cakes this month and take $5 off the cake delivery charge! Offer applies to any 10-inch cake or wedding cake. Cake delivery to Central -North San Antonio and lower Hill Country.

10-inch round cakes are taller than average, serve 16-20.
Weddings & parties: we accept orders by slice.
Tres Leches Cakes for sale in San Antonio, Texas. Delicious!This month's cake special by Chef T Walnut cake made with imported french chambord liquer, one of our San Antonio cake specialties.
How to Choose the Right Cake for your Special Event

Chocolate, tres leches cake, ice cream cake, torte or flan cake? We know you have many choices. The best way to get started is to consider the various cake recipes we offer as your "base".


HOW MUCH CAKE TO ORDER? Our 10 inch round cakes are great for Birthday parties, anniversaries, family gatherings, etc., of up to twenty guests. For more than twenty people, you will generally need two or more 10 inch cakes, or you may choose to order cake by the slice, which means our chef will bake one cake large enough to meet your head count. Use your RSVP list for the most accurate count! If you don't have an RSVP list, call us and we will be happy to help you figure out the right amount of cake to order.

CAKE SHAPE: Rectangular cakes are considered more manly, while round cakes are slightly more feminine. Heart shaped cakes are very feminine and great for Valentine's day cakes, Sweet 16 cakes or Quincianera cakes.


Our Italian Creme cake, Chambord Raspberry Walnut cake and Tres Leches cakes are favorites for bridal cake, as they are outstanding in flavor and gorgeous to behold! President George Bush's daughter chose a Tres Leches cake for her wedding. It is a great Texas cake as the recipe originates in Mexico, and represents a delicious fusion of Mexican and American cake flavors. If your special order cake is destined to be a San Antonio brides cake, traditionally bride's cakes are snow white or pale canary in color. However, not everyone wants a big white cake! A great bridal cake option for a second marriage, or a bride who prefers a unique, understated and distinctive bridal reception cake is our outstanding Flan Cake. This delicate cake requires special attention and craftsmanship, featuring a creamy layer of custard baked right into the cake, drizzled with sugar we caramelize on the stove. Flan cakes are made in several stages, which is why it is hard to find in most cake shops around San Antonio.

DECORATING A BRIDE'S CAKE: Feel free to bring in a magazine picture of the bridal cake you want, and we will create it as closely as we can. We love using fresh cut flowers to match the bride's bouquet, ribbons, marzipan and multi-layer tiers in our bridal cake creations. Single layer cakes are simply elegant. Or browse through our San Antonio wedding cake album. All of our cakes are custom to order, whether your wedding reception is small or large, formal or casual, enjoy the perfect cake on your wedding day when you order from us. We don't use cheap cake icing flowers or cheap-looking names written in icing - we love decorating cakes and our decorations are personal and high-end custom cake creations, at unbelievably low prices.

We recommend the Dark Chocolate Bourbon Walnut Torte and Chambord Raspberry Walnut Cake.
These distinctive cakes are crowned with premium nuts and infused with expensive liqueurs. Your guests will remember your groom's cake for its beauty as well as it's exquisite flavors. We sell hand-dipped strawberries, painted into dark and white chocolate tuxedos to put on top of your grooms cake, for $5 each. As with the Bride Cakes, you always have the option to bring us a picture from a magazine to use for cake decorating inspiration.


Our cakes are always a hit at San Antonio parties! Not sure which one to choose? First, consider who the event is celebrating. Are you buying a cake for a man or woman, child's birthday, an adult or is the decorating specific to an event like a First Holy Communion cake, Bar Mitzvah cake, Christmas cake, baby shower cake or holiday?

> Ice cream cakes are great for kids, summer parties, and chocolate lover's casual birthdays. It's a delightful dessert with layers of frozen ice cream & soft cake, with chunks of homemade fudge brownies mixed in.
> Dark Chocolate Bourbon Walnut Torte, a Cakes4Company original recipe, is a great cake choice for a man's birthday, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner cake, gift cakes, chocolate lovers and son's graduation cake. The bourbon and walnut crust make a bold statement, while the soft, dark chocolate inside is heavenly!
> Tres Leches Cakes are perfect for baby cakes, wedding or baby shower cakes, birthday cakes, cakes to give as gifts and most events. Dazzle your guests with this unbelievably delicious cake! A San Antonio, Texas favorite. Everyone always wants to take some home.
> Chambord Raspberry Walnut Cake is a luxurious dessert experience for a more sophisticated birthday cake, wedding, anniversary cake, Christmas cake, Easter cake, religious cake & special events. A great option for corporate party cakes and a great cake to give as a gift. The fresh raspberries and tangy orange marmelade between layers of creamy, soft cake are perfected by the infusion of rich Chambord alcohol liqueur. Walnuts add a nutty crunch.
> Flan Cake: The perfect choice for the cake connoisseur! Light and creamy, this unusual double cake is made in several stages and is a statement of originality and taste. Great for taking as a gift to the hostess, for Spanish or Tapas -themed parties and social events where any old cake simply won't do.
> Italian Creme Wedding Cake: A favorite for bridal cakes, the Italian Creme cake is also a great choice for a girl's birthday cake, Valentine's Day cake, a celebration cake such as a religious event, First Communion cake, Bat Mitzvah cake & women's party cakes. Light coconut & nut cake with hand whipped cream cheese frosting.

For this special event in your darling's life, we suggest the Tres Leches Cake or Italian Creme Cake.

Our delicious gourmet cakes are cool gift ideas! Great gift for the boss or for friends and family around San Antonio, and we offer home/office cake delivery for only $10-15, depending on how far the delivery address is from our cake shop. Just place your order, and we will make sure your gifts are delivered on time (and boy do people love to receive fresh gourmet cakes!) We suggest the Tres Leches Cake, Chambord Raspberry Walnut Cake, Dark Chocolate Bourbon Walnut Torte, and Flan Cake for presents, as these are very distinctive and delicious cakes that you will not find in any store, at this price with this much attention to detail and hand-selected ingredients. Who wants a fruit cake when you can have a delicious Tres Leches delivered in time for Christmas & New Years!


Don't settle for cheap icing flowers or names/messages written in icing! A personalized cake should stand out and show that love, time and thought went into personalizing it. We offer beautiful personalization options on all of our cakes. Handmade banners, fresh flowers and elegant, personalized decorations offer that high-end, handmade look & touch so your cake is a hit. Happy Birthday messages, "Congratulations to", or your own special message, we are happy to make your cake a spectacular showpiece, so your event is a memory for a lifetime.

We want your cake to look exactly the way you want! We have taken special decorating requests on wedding cakes, birthday cakes and cakes for many San Antonio events. If you have a picture from a magazine or book, we can usually replicate it for much less than you would pay at expensive cakeries. Call us at 210-396-7236 and we will be happy to discuss your custom cake decorating order.
How to Choose The Right Cake in San AntonioHard to find cakes. We sell a flan cake, a two layer cake topped with custard flan, the mexican dessert.Fudge Brownie and Raspberry ice cream cake, made in NE san antonio cakes shop.One of our amazing San Antonio cake shop specialty cakes, a Dark Chocolate Bourbon Walnut torte. A cake you will find no where else. And our prices are cheap compared to HEB!Italian creme wedding cake with handwhipped cream frosting, made in northeast San Antonio.
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Want to make a big impression? Our San Antonio Cake shop delivers Tres Leches Cake, Flan Cake, Italian creme, Dark Chocolate Bourbon Walnut Torte, San Antonio Flan Cake, Chambord Raspberry Walnut cake, Fudge Brownie ice cream cakes. When catering for company, choose Cakes4Company. San Antonio's best cake shop with unique, authentic tres leches and original cake recipes and cheap prices. Special occasion cakes they will never forget.